Pure romance boss babe

What can I say about this amazing soul!!! I wanted to feature here on my blog for a few reasons but one of the biggest is because she is a kick ass boss babe. She is a rep for Pure Romance and I hate that MLM gets such a bad wrap because she is the epitome of exactly what MLM can be when you have a goal and work your butt off. She is a mama (both human and fur), a marine wife, a true lover of Okinawa and all around awesome human. I cannot tell you how many clients have booked because they saw her photos and needed that kind of sexy in their life. She truly believes in building other woman up and elevating them as high as they can go. If you are not familiar with Pure Romance they are a company that specializes in adult products. The company also teaches all of their reps sex education which I think is really pretty awesome seeing that its often such a taboo topic. If you would like more information check out her VIP Group by clicking HERE. Also how fun are her tattoos?! Thanks Miss M for being so freaking cool!!! Muah!!!!!