Is the staff all female?

Not only is it all female it is also all me! I do all correspondence, makeup and hair, please don’t be alarmed hair and makeup is where I started and you are in good hands. I do the session, all editing, reveals and ordering.

Where is your studio?

I currently run all shoots within my natural light studio located in my home.

Does the session fee include photos?

No. The session fee covers all that goes into creating the perfect experience. Hair and makeup, wardrobe, editing, set up, studio cost etc. ALL products can be purchased a la carte or in one of four collections. Albums start at $1000 and packages at $1650.

Do you include hair and makeup in the session?

You bet I do! I want this to be as simple as rolling out of bed and grabbing your wardrobe. All I ask is that you arrive with freshly washed and blowdried hair and a clean face and I will take it from there. You will be photo shoot ready with just the right amount of sexy.

How do I view my edited images?

I always do what's called IPS or in person sales. After your session I will edit all images and have you back into the studio for your reveal. This is where you will pick the images you would like to purchase. Should you decide you would like to upgrade you can do so at this time. Please note that all sales are to be done at your reveal.

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer what is called prepayment session plans where you choose your collection prior to your shoot and make payments up to your session date. I offer monthly or bi weekly options.

When do I get to see my photos?

Your edited proofs can be ready as soon as the same day and no more than a week from your shoot. Tangible products take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks once ordered.

Will my photos be on your website?

Only if you sign a written contract that says so. It is not required for any paying clients. These photos are kept private within the studio and trustworthy vendors. But if you want to share one, some or all I would be happy to add them to my online portfolio.

Do you provide wardrobe?

I do have client wardrobe that has pieces being added all the time. I do however still highly recommend that the client bring their own lingerie. I do this for several reasons. One I want you to be comfortable, two I want it to be your size and last because it is more hygienic. I will guide you from start to finish with wardrobe selection to help flatter your figure and support your budget.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

Believe it or not a little black dress or off the should sweater can be just as sexy as lingerie. I would never want you to wear anything you are not comfortable with and even have a pre shoot questionnaire that gives me an idea of just how much skin you wanna show.

What if I don't know how to be sexy?

I get this question and concern a lot and I will be completely honest in saying nobody comes into my studio knowing how to pose. I will guide you from head to toe and you just may see my amazing modeling skills when I demonstrate exactly what to do. I even have fun tips and tricks I teach before we begin shooting. Rest assured you will leave my studio feeling like you can take on the runway.

Do you offer online galleries?

The answer to this is yes and no… all files are delivered via online gallery and you have a 48 hour window to download your images to an external hard drive. This does not mean your images are gone forever it just means that I do not like to have such personal images online for long since even the most secure sites can be hacked. If you decide you would rather not have them online at any time you can always provide me with a thumb drive or purchase one from me at your reveal.

What sets you apart from the other photographers in your area?

Adeana Marie Boudoir is a natural light studio specializing ONLY in the art of boudoir. In a world where anyone can be a photographer I have really honed in my art so that you are 100% comfortable the entire duration of your shoot and confident in me the artist, that i will be sure to pose you so that you look AMAZING!